Things to consider while choosing the best underwater dock lights online

Things to consider while choosing the best underwater dock lights online offers a wide variety of choices for your underwater lighting needs. Choose white, green or blue lights to add beauty, ambiance, while adding security and attracting lots of fish. Our lights will attract all marine life indigenous to your region. Guaranteed!

Although our underwater dock lights attract hoards of fish for entertaining and fishing, they also provide safer nighttime arrivals and departures by boat.

Two applications are offered: standard weight (secures lamps position to the seabed), and optional bracket installation when attaching to a piling or seawall.

Our underwater LED dock light system is the only one of it’s kind to allow up to six lamps to operate from one control box. Buy a single lamp system today, add up to five more lamps at any time (DIY). It’s comprised from materials to withstand harsh marine environments. Seawater treatments are also available for saltwater applications.

Our portable LED fishing light will attract hoards of bait in short order. Uses include: bait gathering, shallow and deep water fishing, gigging, bully netting, and diving to name a few. Low power consumption, high output and compact design makes this light a winner. It’s the first of it’s kind to offer light up, or light down operation. Example: deploy the lamp with the light facing up for bait gathering and fishing, then a simple tug on the lamp cord inverts the lamp for bottom fishing, diving etc. The internal sliding weight controls the lamps orientation while the provided lamp float (when used) will stop the lamps descent at a depth set by the user. The light is equipped with thermal protection to help guard against extended out of water operation. The light can be used in or out of water, without the need for cool down transition time.

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