SP50 LED Dock Light

SP50 LED Dock Light

SP controll box
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50 Watt LED 1-6 lamp system. Add more lamps anytime!

Product Description

Introducing the latest line of groundbreaking products by Fishnlight.com. Sea View – Sea Pod LED underwater dock lights. The Sea Pod is the only LED underwater light available without cable length limits, and allows up to six of the same or different powered lamps within one control box. That’s right, you can choose 20, 50 and/or 100 watt lamps in one system. Mix or match lamp power output and/or color configurations. Purchase a single lamp system and add more lamps anytime you want more light. Its compact size, high output, and low operating cost make this system an appealing option for a variety of applications. Example: Place one or more lamps off your seawall and another lamp in a nearby water feature, all from the same control box, and without cable distance limits. The lamp is adjustable for varying water depth and emits a choice of vertical or horizontal beam of light. Standard vertical beam installation uses a supplied weight that attaches to the lamp cable and allows adjustability for various water depths, and to secure the lamps placement. If a horizontal beam for a flood light effect is desired, an optional lamp bracket is available for mounting the lamp to a floating dock or piling. We offer green underwater dock lights as well as white or blue. Multiple system configurations are available for various applications including water features. The system power is controlled by a day/night sensor. Custom colors and configurations are available. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! We are so confident in our products you can try our LED or HID underwater dock lights before you buy. Please call for details. 866.751.4202

Additional Information

Weight 42.5 lbs
SP Features

Sea View LED underwater dock lights will produce high output and consume low power within its compact design. The lamp assembly is fully adjustable for any water depth, and a bracket option is offered for piling or floating dock mounting. The small 4.5”x6” footprint makes this light extremely versatile for several applications including but not limited to fountains, lakes as well as any waterfront estate, freshwater or saltwater! The lamp assembly is equipped with auto reset thermal protection for accidental out of water operation. Perhaps the best design feature is the thermal cleaning process that occurs when the system is operating. The lamp assembly is designed to expel all the extreme heat produced by the LED directly through the lens, lens clamp and heat sink. Thus inhibiting the ability for marine growth and reducing maintenance. This process has been found to be extremely effective. Results may vary by location and water conditions.

SP Specifications

Voltage: 100-240VAC
Hz: 50/60Hz
Wattage: 20/50/100 each lamp
Amps: 0.25/.5/1 each lamp respectively
Lumen up to: 2.2k/5k/11k each lamp respectively
No. of lamps: up to 6
Day/night sensor: standard
Cable length: 30’ standard each lamp
Color options: white, green, blue
Beam: up to 180
Lamp dimensions: 4.5” x 6” approx
Control box: 5” x 7” approx


FISHNLIGHT.com provides a one year warranty to the original buyer from the date of purchase on all parts and labor. FISHNLIGHT.com will repair or replace all or any portion of the system as needed within this limited warranty period. Excludes shipping.

Seawater Model

The Seawater model has anti-fouling properties to reduce or eliminate maintenance. No other LED underwater light compares.

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