LED Piling Cap

LED Piling Cap



Starting at $49

7" LED Plate $49.00
7.5" LED Plate $49.00
8" LED Plate $49.00
8.5" LED Plate $49.00
9" LED Plate $49.00
9.5" LED Plate $49.00
10" LED Plate $49.00
10.5" LED Plate $49.00
11" LED Plate $49.00
11.5" LED Plate $49.00
12" LED Plate $49.00
12.5" LED Plate $49.00
13" LED Plate $49.00
13.5" LED Plate $49.00
14" LED Plate $49.00
14.5" LED Plate $49.00
Driver A $149.00
Driver B $189.00
Driver C $229.00
Driver D $269.00
Splitter $18.00

Product Description

Introducing DIY LED piling cap kits by Fishnlight.com. Increase safety for boater’s and guest while enhancing the beauty of your dock. Simply purchase the DIY kit if you already have existing white Polyethylene piling caps. Our DIY friendly design offers replaceable LED’s and a RF (radio frequency) remote that allows for indirect light control up to 60′ away. Control on/off, change colors (RGB full color system), dim or fade. The LED driver comes with a day/night sensor for automatic operation. At just 2.5 watts of power per cap, who knew so much safety, security and beauty could be so affordable!

Our single color system is more than that! Single color systems allow for a choice of these colors; white, green, blue, yellow, aqua, red and magenta. Each color is user selectable on any one or all piling caps (from the choices above). Each cap color can be easily changed at any time to achieve your desired effect. Single color systems on/off are controlled by the equipped day/night sensor.

Additional Information

Weight 42.5 lbs

10.5″ LED Kit, 10″ LED Kit, 11.5″ LED Kit, 11″ LED Kit, 12.5″ LED Kit, 12″ LED Kit, 13.5″ LED Kit, 13″ LED Kit, 14.5″ LED Kit, 14″ LED Kit, 15″ LED Kit, 7.5″ LED Kit, 7″ LED Kit, 8.5″ LED Kit, 8″ LED Kit, 9.5″ LED Kit, 9″ LED Kit, Driver A, Driver B, Driver C, Driver D, Splitter

LED Kit Features

DIY piling cap kits! Single or full color (color changing) DIY kits are available to those with existing white Polyethylene piling caps. Just provide us with the piling cap internal measurements, and we’ll supply the kit to fit. The full color system offers a wide variety of color choices via RF hand remote, or control with our WIFI-Bluetooth Smartphone driver.
The term “single color system” is a bit misleading. Although the piling caps can all be the same color, they don’t have to be. Color selection is easily done within each cap, allowing any cap you choose to be a different color than the rest. There are seven single colors to choose from. White, red, green, blue, magenta, yellow and aqua. Change each cap color anytime by simply removing the cap from the piling, change color selection and replace the cap. Each LED driver is equipped with a day/night sensor for automatic operation.

LED Kit Specifcations

Voltage: 12 DC

LED Wattage: 2.5 per cap

Life: 50k+ hours

Driver A: Single color 20 cap kits max within 100′ of cable*

Driver B: Single color 28 cap kits max within 160′ of cable*

Driver C: Full color 20 cap kits max within 100′ of cable*

Driver C: Full color 28 cap kits max within 160′ of cable*

Driver E/extender 20 cap kits max within 100′ of cable**

* A driver extender is required for runs exceeding max cable
limits. **Multiple extenders can be used to achieve total distance.

Each LED driver is equipped with a day/night sensor for automatic operation.


FISHNLIGHT.com provides a one year warranty to the original buyer from the date of purchase on all parts and labor. FISHNLIGHT.com will repair or replace all or any portion of the system as needed within this limited warranty period. Excludes shipping.

Cable Length

Standard 30′, 100′, 110′

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