Introducing our latest product for all fishing enthusiasts. Sea View Flip-It portable LED fishing light. The Sea View LED fishing light produces high output and low power consumption within a compact design.

The Sea View Flip-It is the only portable LED fishing light on the market equipped with an internal sliding weight! How does this feature work?
The internal sliding weight allows the lamp to be deployed face up (toward the water surface), or face down (toward the seabed). For bait collecting, shrimping, fishing or fish viewing, deploy the lamp face-up, for bully netting, gigging or night diving, deploy the lamp face down. This new feature allows the user (with the lamp deployed) to go from face up light to downward light with a simple tug on the lamp cable. The provided lamp float allows the user to set the lamps descent to a specified depth when used.

The system’s high output and wide angle beam allow for a greater viewing area to better spot your game. The system is equipped with auto reset thermal protection to protect the LED against extended out of water use.

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