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For more than 10 years our saltwater fishing lights (AKA Snook light/fishing lights) have dominated the fishing light industry. Our line of saltwater fishing lights has the widest variety of uses without question. User replaceable bulb, cover, including voltage and color options set them apart from all others. Uses include but not limited to: deep and shallow saltwater fishing, bait collecting, bully netting, gigging, shrimping, night diving and for bait prep. Its ability to operate in or out of the water without cooldown transition makes it unique. These fishing lights will bring any marine species indigenous to the area right to you. Guaranteed! Choose white, green or blue for your fishing light as the fish attraction will occur with any color light we offer. Big game Swordfish and shark are just a few species this light is used to attract as well as Snook, Tarpon, Trout, Needlefish, Gar, Lookdown, Mullet, Catfish, Crab, Shrimp, Seahorse, Dolphin and thousands of baitfish. Professional and amateur anglers alike use our products with great success. Several other industries such as clean water facilities, oil platforms, and movie studios to name a few that have used our products.

Additional Information

Weight 42.5 lbs
Warranty provides a one year warranty to the original buyer from the date of purchase on all parts and labor. will repair or replace all or any portion of the system as needed within this limited warranty period. Excludes shipping.


Portable design, user replaceable bulbs, white, green, blue color options, stray electrical current sensing technology, internally weighted, compact design, lamp float and submersible to 300′. Lamp cable is extendable at time of sale.


Volts – 120VAC

Amps – 0.5

Volts – 12VDC*

Amps – 2.8

Lumens – 2800

Cable – 25′

OAL – 12″


Made in America with UV stable polycarbonate, 316 stainless steel hardware and submersion grade cable. These materials will allow for longevity in harsh environments.

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