How To Increase You Catch Through Fishing By Moon Phase Theory

How To Increase You Catch Through Fishing By Moon Phase Theory

The one dream that every fishing enthusiast cherishes is to make a big catch. This means that there is often a fortune spent on different types of baits, rods and techniques. However, what if there was some way you could know the best time to fish, which can help you catch more than the usual? Wouldn’t that be great? Turns out, there is – the Solunar Theory. Laid out in 1926 by John Alden Knight, the theory suggests that fish move according to the location of the moon and sun. 

How it works
As an angler, it is natural for you to be skeptical about something such as the Solunar Theory, or fishing by moon phase, which may sound like an old wives’ tale. However, there are many fisheries where there has been found empirical cause-and-effect link between the phases of the moon and behavior of certain species of fish.

You would know that the best time to fish is when the fishes are feeding. The phases of the moon affect many of the factors that surround a fish, which includes the tides and the live fodder they hunt. This is why the changes in the phases of the moon triggers fish to feed, and thus increases your chance of a good catch.

How to choose the best time
It has been found that most fishes exhibit high activity around 45 minutes before and after sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset. There are also solunar tables that you can use to determine the best time of the day and also the month for fishing. More than the sun, it is the moon that has a stronger influence. So, if you want to reel in catch like you’ve never done before, moonrise and moonset are the ideal times. Ensure that you keep a track of the moon’s rising and setting time as it is less noticeable and can be easily missed.

What else do you need to consider
In addition to the moonrise and moonset timing, there are also a few other aspects that you need to consider. They are the weather and the season. The best time to catch fish is just when a storm is approaching or right after one has passed. You will get some good and sturdy bites during this time. Seasonal transitions are also great for fishing, as fish are more willing to bite when the season is changing.

Now that you are armed with some knowledge about fishing by moon phase, you can increase your catch by being at the edge of the water with your fishing rod at the best times, ready to reel in your catch.

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